A Cree Voice - dialogue with the machine

What practical use, if any, can Cree syllabics bring to machine coding or to coding language?

Can a monospace Cree syllabic font change the way we interact with machines and the way they interact with us? Can it possibly inform cognitive phenomena in machines, making the machine an intelligent device? Or will it simply do nothing? -

Developing a Cree Methodology
Using the preceding lessons on relationality and responsibility, I have developed a Cree methodology rooted in Cree ethics and a Cree worldview. Most of these have been heavily based on Dr. Margaret Kovach’s notions of Indigenous methodology.

Consultation with Elders
Involve the elders in my community by asking and sharing and making time to get to know the ways of our ancestors so that the results are shared and understood and those ways are reflected not only in the outcome but also in how the process is approached and carried out

Legibility for Entire Community
We need to make our theory user-friendly so that people can understand what is being said, and it can be applied to the community.

Prioritize Cree Voices
Above all, we have a responsibility to the community or nation we represent. In a nutshell, Cree or First Nation methodology can be both messy and yet fruitful since it presents the opportunity for an outcome that is beneficial to the two people involved.

Maintain Relations With Non-Human Beings
In Cree culture, we give agency to nature. We see nature as an entity and a living being for which we have responsibilities. We gather as a community to garner the understanding of these responsibilities and by this method we are bound to be truthful to our surroundings. This practice allows the continuity of Cree knowledge for generations to come.

Reciprocal Research
The Old People need to be made a reciprocal resource and valued in their roles as keepers and sharers of community knowledge.

Minimize Harm
My design process for this Cree syllabic project thoughtfully considered the impact of design on society and the earth. It places an emphasis on collaboration with the community.

Objectives and creative outcome of the research
While creating the first version of the Cree monospaced font, I had the opportunity to work with and for the community. I made the font for coding so that we, as Cree, can potentially make kin with the machine. Cree monospace syllabics will help in developing, creating, and maintaining both old and new knowledge. Maybe through the use of a Cree font, the Cree syllabic will introduce itself as a voice for the machine, and perhaps through Cree machines, Cree ethics will last longer than our own time on earth.