"The natural sciences are concerned with how things are. Design, on the other hand, is concerned with how things ought to be".
            Herbert Simon (1969) The Sciences of the Artificial.

It is with this statement in mind that you are invited to visit Interstice, the online version of the design research exhibition presenting Concordia University' Master of design student projects. Initially planned to be presented as a public event, the exhibition had to be canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Design research puts into question the evolution of a multitude of facets in the society and seeks alternative solutions for a more sustainable, equitable and caring world as evidenced by the topics addressed by our graduate students. From gender issues in education to the challenges of immigration, from the preservation of indigenous cultures to critical interpretations of historical monuments found in the urban landscape, you will discover that design research addresses those fundamental issues from a different lens in comparison with other research disciplines. The distinct reflexive approach valorized in our Master’s program, defined as “Research through Design”, offers a unique perspective to deepen our reflection concerning important sensitive issues. Most and foremost, design research aims to offer original contributions to knowledge, not only fundamental for design, but also for many disciplines related to technology and human sciences.

Dr. Martin Racine
Graduate Program Director - Master of Design
Concordia University